Expertise and reliability which
have always made us stand out

The art of typography and lithographic print are the foundations of our company. Since 1977, every character, every word, every image imprinted on a sheetbecomes the expression of a thought, which  materialises and takes shape.

In a continuously evolving scenario, we follow the market trends and needs, promptly answering to the technological changes. Our activity moves through a context  where creativity has no limits. Everyday we live and see change as a source of inspiration to develop innovative solutions.

We are able to offer a complete support which translates into a structured production department, able to follow all the different production phases. The technical design and prepress department  give shape to any idea, whilst the printing, setting up and tailoring departments guarantee a production capacity aligned with the market needs.

Our milestones


Launch of the Company


From movable types to LinotypeContent


First offset small format machine


New brand name “Grafiche Martintype srl”


Second printing machine -Heidelberg 5 Colors plus spreader


Colonnella headquarter Inauguration


First Macintosh computer


Print department is strengthened – Heidelberg 5 colors plus spreader


Establishment of Marte publishing house


New headquarter inauguration and relocation


ISO 9001 Certificate


CTP direct plates engraving - automatised


DAM installation- data managing and filing with related optical fiber


Big format print introduction


First digital technology print machine


Automatised sewing and folding


FSC Certificate


Renewal of digital printing machinery


Portale delle Eccellenze project


Dea System project


Online Publishing


Interactive catalogue

Scopri la nostra storia

Expertise and experience,
always by your side


Being a partner bring shape to ideas. This is the heart of our work, the expression of an comprehensive project which sees the engagement of multiple expertises.



Our commitment to follow the rhythm of technological innovation perfectly combines with the safeguard of our unrepleaceable values: the craft way of caring for details and finishings, the product tailoring and personalisation, the research and selection of materials.



Enhancing the skills of our professionals is a constant feature which allows us to offer a complete and tailored service. In this way, we are able to give a solution to every client’s specific needs.


A team of professionals at your disposal

At the base of a print of excellence lays the ability to conceive an idea able to bring value to the project. Because of that, teamwork is what makes the difference. We are a group of professionals with multiple years of experience, able to provide you with support in every aspect, from the idea and concept development to the graphic project and its design.

Looking at innovation

What make us stand out is the ability to propose tailored solutions able to satisfy every need and expectation. The know -how we gained over the years allowed us to consolidate a controlled and certified quality Management system, enabling us to have extremely rfast production times, a punctual service and extremely high quality.

The trustworthiness of a constant consulting

The pursuit of perfection is a constant,essential and indispensable element to obtain a superior print. Every project requires different professionals working towards a single goal: create a quality and effective product . For that, our skills are at your disposal, through constant consulting, and working together with you to achieve the best result.

Sectors we
work for:
The deep market knowledge is the result of the great experience we developed over time. We are by our clients’ side, industrial realities which operate in different sectors, to meet the specific needs of each of them. Presence at exhibitions, the publishing of a magazine or the Inauguration of a new headquarterare activities which require the realisation of tailored visual communication.
Footwear sector
Solutions to display Furnitures sector Accurate answers
for a market which
is continuously evolving
Mechanical and
electrical sector
Prints that
stands out
Textiles sector
to admire
Publishing sector
The art of printing
in every format
Cultural association sector

Always caring for the environment
and quality control

The quality of Martintype prints reflects the social commitment and company values we strive for everyday, starting from the selection of raw materials. It is a conscious choice, caring about safeguarding the environment and the economic and social aspects related to it.

FSC® certified company

The care for environmental and ethical issues brought us to adopt rigorous safeguarding measures which allowed us to obtain the FSC certificate.

The ForestStewardshipCouncil® is a non-governmental international, independent and no profit organisation, whose aim is to promote a correct management of forest resources. Relying on a FSC certified company guarantee you that the cellulose and type of printed paper come from a responsible and fair management of natural resources.

The FSC® certificate represents an extremely important element to preserve our environment. Only certified companies, like us, are able to guaranteee absolute fairness and tracking of the entire production process. Other than being a source of pride, applying this label on our Martintype products is a distinctive element, a testimony of our commitment for the environment.

A Quality certificate

Throughout the years, the experience and expertise which make us stand out, allowed us to adopt an integrated Quality, Safety, Environment management system, both effective and efficient.

For more than 20 years, we have been an ISO 9001 certified company, confirming once again that quality is a priority, along with human resources’ engagement and valorisation. The establishment and affirmation on such competitive market is the proof that commitment and professional reliability bring value on the long term.


Martintype APP

Your works in digital format, with no additional costs

Thanks to this app we developed, we can convert your printed products in digital version to be browsed and leafed through online. This can be easily integrated on all communication channels (website, social media) and on every mobile platforms (Both on IOS and Android systems).

With the Martintype APP, your digital format works will always be available for anyone, in a predefined, controlled, completely free webspace. You can publish your works, browse them and share them with everyone from any device, while not giving up to the pleasant sensation of leafing through a printed version. You can log in to a private areato customise your order and consult all the original print version files in a multimedia format, and update them.Most of all, you are able to actively communicate thanks to the push notifications. In this way, you will offer a more complete service to everyone who needs to consult your products and services, with the all time comfort and speed of digital solutions, with no time and storage limits. The union and synergy of various channels and media are what define an efficient and effective communication.


The art of generating art

With Artintype we started a search path to intercept and spot new personalities of contemporary art, defining a communication and visual research project. We created a meeting point for people who love to see how contemporary art evolves, becoming an important point of reference for university students and companies.
Everyone can join, because Artintype engage and invites all the entrepreneurial realities to give life to cultural, artistic and economic itinerant routes aiming at searching and boost local excellences. You can also join this ambitious and engaging path, sharing this space with anyone who loves and sees the evolution of art in a wider sense, just like we do.

Lavorare il tempo

The new Marte editorial collection

“Lavorare il tempo” was born to embody the art and beauty of crafts, starting from the deep roots anchored in our society historical memory. We started out this project with the aim of creating a sharing and collaborative context, which sees the engagement and participation of local economy excellences and institutions.

The new Marte editorial collection started with the launch of the first volume focused on “Printing”, in which we reflect about the contents and meanings the latter took throughout the years.

Il Portale delle Eccellenze

A platform at the service of innovation

Il Portale delle Eccellenze is a platform dedicated to innovation, developed to create growth opportunities for companies, students and universities. We started out this project conscious of the fact that new digital technologies, along with the network, offer us huge potential. Our goal is to create not only professional relations  but real and actual business exchanges and employment opportunities.

This virtual platform represents a real meeting place for young talent and italian productive excellences, to give life to new projects which guide innovation and developments. Through the Portale delle Eccellenze,  is possible to share skills and ideas, applying the educational activities through learning experiences such as contest, workshop or stage. You can enter our network too, opportunities are endless.

The right partner to show your value