Offset Print

This printing technique allows us to offer an extremelyprofessional, executive expertise guaranteed by the accuracy of the works. The incomparable quality, both on a chromatic and resolution level, is additioned to the convenience of very high print-runs, an excellent printing uniformity and fast delivery times.

Digital Print

Digital print offers an unbeatable convenience for small print-runs and assures you high quality prints, with the maximum executive speed.With this technology you can have single pre-press test for offset printing in extremely fast time, and your works can stand out on diversified supports, both in big or small format.

Editing online

Multichannel processing of your prints

Online editing offers both the charm and grandeur of printed papers and the innovative, practical digital solution; in one single product. At Martintype, we developed an innovative platform.A multichannel system connected to the network, able to convert, manage and share your original print files in a digital format.

In this way, you have the possibility to transform classical commercial materials such as manual, catalogues or menus, as well as various technical documents such as price lists and data sheets, in interactive PDFs. The latters canthen be enriched with various features, such as dynamic texts, images, sounds, footages and many other reach media content, in order to be conveyed with various digital tools such as QrCode or links which can then be shared publicly or privately.
Moreover, we can realise spefically tailored solutions following your needs, taking into account the type of support to which they are destined and interactive content to insert since the early graphic design stage. Online editing offers endless possibilities of intervention!